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LCCT Kuala Lumpur is currently under renovation. Please be early for check-in


Effective, 01 September 2008 Air Asia Domestic Flight and sales counter relocated to TERMINAL 1C

Flight Info

New Destination
Manado – Kuala Lumpur
Makassar – Kuala Lumpur
New Routes
Batam – Kuala Lumpur
Pekanbaru – Singapore
Jakarta – Kuching
Jakarta – Kota Kinabalu
Jakarta – Penang
Pekanbaru – Kuala Lumpur
Medan – Penang
Surabaya – Johor Bahru

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Mandala Airlines applied e-payment

The Mandala Airlines company gave the ease to the prospective passengers paid the ticket by using the payment system through the Internet or e-payment.

CEO Mandala Warwick Brady said payment with seistem e-payment could be carried out by using the visas credit card or Master Card. “This policy was written in the condition and the provisions from the Arena, in order to give the security guarantee for his passengers.”

These provisions were valid for online payment through the Internet for the visas card and the Master in order to protects the consumer and avoids the occurrence of the crime virtual, he said in the press release, yesterday. With the ease, he explained, the passengers could carry out the ordering and ticket payment through the Internet.

The official of the Arena in the counter check-in will compare the name of passengers with the credit card that was used.

source : Bisnis Indonesia 31 Juli 2008


As efforts in service quality upgrades continue in order to maximize value for customers, Garuda Indonesia and Korean Air signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to “Enhance Co-operations in Marketing”, in Denpasar, Bali, on Thursday, July 24, 2008. During the occasion, the signatories were the President Director & CEO Garuda Indonesia, Emirsyah Satar and COO of Korean Airlines, Mr. Jong Hee Lee.

The new deal will allow Garuda Indonesia and Korean Air to increase seat allocations from 20 to 30 seats on the Jakarta/Denpasar – Seoul (vv) service, introduce a new destination city on the domestic service as part of the Special Prorate Agreement (SPA), implement an “interline e-ticket” strategy which will reduce travel hassles and enhance overall code-sharing management efficiency. It also explores possibilities of code-sharing on Garuda Indonesia’s and Korean Air’s domestic flights. In the area of cargo transportation, the two airlines expect to see increased volume and broader operations network.

As founder of the “Skyteam” airline alliance, Korean Air has also signaled its endorsement of Garuda Indonesia’s intention to become a member of the alliance. To date, Skyteam airline members include Aeroflot, AeroMexico, KLM/Air France, Alitalia China Southern, Continental Airlines, Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Korean Air, Northwest Airlines, Air Europe, Copa Airlines and Kenya Airways.

According to Emirsyah Satar, Garuda Indonesia has set its sight on becoming a four star airline by 2009 and a five star airline by the following year. To this end, Garuda Indonesia has never ceased improving the performance of various aspects in the organization, including areas of operations and service. “And by entering the Skyteam alliance we are closer to achieving our targets”, he added.

Garuda Indonesia and Korean Air have already begun code-sharing on the Jakarta-Seoul (vv) service. Flying seven times a week and operating a A-330, Korean Air acts as the operating party (the airline flying the code-sharing route), while Garuda Indonesia, as the marketing party, sells seats based on agreed allocations.

Code-sharing on the Denpasar-Seoul (vv) service entitles both to act as ‘operating party’ and ‘marketing party’ towards its code-sharing partner. On this service, Garuda Indonesia flies 5 times a week, and Korean Air, 4 times a week. Both use an A-330.

Meanwhile, both airlines have also agreed to enter a Special Prorate Agreement (SPA) for service beyond Seoul, in which both airlines will be able to cover more destinations in Japan, the US and South Korea. In the partnership, Garuda Indonesia operates on the Jakarta-Seoul sector, while for destinations beyond Seoul – destinations in Japan (Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Osaka), the US (Los Angeles, New York, Washington and Chicago) and South Korea (to Kwangju and Pusan) will be served by Korean Air.

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In a bid to enhance service quality and provide better value for customers, Garuda Indonesia and Singapore Airlines signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), represented by President Director & CEO Garuda Indonesia, Emirsyah Satar and CEO of Singapore Airlines, Chew Choon Seng at the Hotel Grand Hyatt, on June 20, 2008.

The signed agreement covered code-share agreements, marketing and promotion activities to enhance traffic between the two countries, sales, network development and other forms of co-operations.

On the code-sharing Denpasar – Singapore route, Singapore Airlines operates a Boeing 777-200 in which Garuda Indonesia will be allocated with 50 seats per flight sector. The route from Singapore to Denpasar will be served by SQ944/GA 9985, departing from Singapore at 13.10 local time and arriving in Denpasar at 15.40 local time. On the return flight, SQ 945/GA9984 leaves Denpasar at 16.40 local time and arrives in Singapore at 19.10 local time. In the first stage of the MoU, both airlines agreed to begin code-sharing on the Denpasar – Singapore (vv) route as of August 1, 2008. Flying once a day, Singapore Airlines acts as the operating party (the airline flying the route), Garuda Indonesia as the marketing party, sells seat based on agreed allocations. In the next stage, both airlines will act as ‘operating party’ and ‘marketing party’.

In the partnership, both airlines also agree on a Special Prorate Agreement (SPA) for the Jakarta to Singapore sector which will be served by Garuda Indonesia, and further, beyond Singapore – to destinations in Europe, China, India, Japan or Africa, vv, served by Singapore Airlines.

According to Emirsyah Satar, this new partnership offers customers a wider choice of service, as well as greater travel facilities and comfort.

Meanwhile, of the MoU, Chew Choon Seng shares his hopes for an increase in traffic between the two countries, and hopefully other forms of co-operations in the near future.source :

Garuda’s New service to Palangkaraya

Starting from 15 August 2007, Garuda Indonesia will open new domestic service to Palangkaraya.

Garuda Indonesia flies to Palangkaraya seven days a week using B-737-300 with flight number GA 550 departing from Jakarta at 11.55 and arrive at Palangkaraya at 13.35, and GA 551 departing from Palangkaraya at 14.10 and arrive at Jakarta at 15.45.

For More information, contact Garuda Call Center 24 Hour at 0 804 1 807 807 or 62-21-2351-9999 .

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New Schedule Flight Of Lion Air

Efective 26 Maret 2008 Lion Air will add new flight Schedule for several route as :


JAKARTA – JOGYAKARTA 08.35 & 17.00
JOGYAKARTA – JAKARTA 10.05 & 18.35

Three Letter Code (city code) for International

01.  SIN    =  Singapore

02.  BKK    = Bangkok ( Thailand )

03.  HKT   = Phuket ( Thailand )

04.  HDY   = Hat jai  ( Thailand )

05.  KUL    = Kuala Lumpur ( Malaysia )

06.  MKZ   = Malacca  ( Malaysia )

07.  PEN   =  Penang  ( Malaysia )

08.  LGK   =  Langkawi  ( Malaysia )

09.  KCH  =  Kuching  ( Malaysia )

10.  BKI    = Kota Kinabalu ( Malaysia )

11.  MNL   = Manila  ( Philippine )

12.  CEB    = Cebu ( Philippine )

13.  DVO   = Davao ( Philippine )

14.  SGN    = Saigon ( Vietnam )

15. HAN   = Hanoi  ( Vietnam )

16.  HKG   = Hongkong

17.  CAN   = Guangzhou  ( China )

18.  SHA   =  Shanghai  ( China )

19. PEK    =  Peking / Beijing  ( china )

20, TAO   =  Qingdao  ( china )

21. TPE    =  Taipei

22. TYO   =  Tokyo / NRT  ( Japan )

23. OSA   =  Osaka  ( Japan )

24. NGO  =  Nagoyo  ( Japan )

25. SEL    =  Seoul  ( Korea )

26. PER    =  Perth  ( Australia )

27. SYD   =  Sydney  ( Australia )

28. MEL   =  Melbourne  ( Australia )

29. BNE   =  Brisbane  ( Australia )

30. ADL  =  Adelide  ( Australia )

31. CNB  =  Canberra  ( Australia )

32. AKL  =  Auckland  ( New Zealand )

33. CHC  = Chirstchurts  ( New Zealand )