Singapore Airlines Launches Automated Document Check Facility

Singapore Airlines is the first airline to use the Automated Document Check facility at Singapore Changi Airport.  Jointly developed by experts from eleven Star Alliance member carriers, this system simplifies the task of checking travel documents requirements.

The Automated Document Check facility processes all visa, travel and immigration requirements of the countries in the customer’s itinerary and eliminates time-consuming manual verification by check-in staff.

“In short, our customers will spend less time at the check-in counter, even if his trip takes him through many countries and he can travel with peace of mind that he has all the necessary documents with him”, says Mr Yap Kim Wah, Senior Vice President Product and Services for Singapore Airlines.

Presently, when customers present the travel documents they have prepared, check-in staff will manually ascertain that the customers have prepared all the relevant travel and visa requirements for all their destinations.   This is necessary as customers without the required travel documents can be turned away at his destination.

With the Automated Document Check facility, the system evaluates all the travel documentation prepared and carried by the customer, and gives a “Yes” or “No” response to inform the check-in staff if the customer has all the required documents to proceed with his journey.   It presents travel warnings, conditions and visa requirements on the screen in a simple format that is customized for the customer’s journey.  This is possible as the facility contains an extensive up-to-date database containing rules for every country.  Nevertheless, customers are still responsible for preparing and ensuring that they have the necessary documents prior to their travel.

Singapore Airlines is the first airline in the world to implement this Automated Document Check facility, with other Star Alliance member carriers planning to use this product in the future.

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